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Lili Haydn has released four critically acclaimed recordings as a solo artist. Lili (Atlantic Records), Light Blue Sun (BMG Music), Place Between Places (Nettwerk Music Group), which was a favorite on NPR, praising it as "A mix of neo-psychedelic flower child and rock star virtuoso...Heifetz meet Hendrix," and LiliLand, released in late 2014, with its single, Sea of Gold reaching commercial radio success.
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Child prodigy classical violinist/actress turned rock violinist, singer recording artist, film composer.

Daughter of legendary comedienne Lotus Weinstock (the first woman to perform at the comedy store, engaged to Lenny Bruce (the last year of his life), contemporary of Robin Williams, Bill Maher, Jay Leno, and Sandra Bernhard.

Her Father was cultural outlaw, conspiracy theorist, film and television director David Jove (New Wave Theater, Stranger than Love), AKA The Acid King, the first person, alongside Owsley Stanley) to mass produce LSD, infamously having turned on The Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

Lili grew up in a commune in Hollywood, "The Brotherhood of the Source" led by Guru Father Yod.  When Lili's father escaped a prison sentence in Canada and came to America on a dead man's passport in the mid 1970s, he "rescued" Lotus and Lili (then Cherub) from the cult, in a standoff that has been described as The Acid King vs. Father Yod.

At 7 years old, Lili had a dream she could play violin, but her mom and she were on welfare, so Lili started working as an actress to pay for her education and violin.  She graduated from Brown University in Political Science and started jamming with bands, ultimately leading to her legendary collaborations with artists such as Herbie Hancock, Roger Waters, Sting, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Josh Groban, Robert Plant and Jimi Page for whom she opened on their entire last US tour, and George Clinton, who called her "the Jimi Hendrix of the violin."

Haydn's debut album as a solo artist, Lili, was released in the fall of 1997 by Atlantic. Light Blue Sun appeared in 2003 from BMG/Private Music, with a pair of releases from Nettwerk Music Group, the EP Goodbye Stranger and the full-length Place Between Places, arriving in 2007 and 2008, respectively.   NPR described Place Between Places as "A mix of neo-psychedelic flower child and rock star virtuoso...Heifetz meet Hendrix," and Haydn performed the single "Strawberry Street" on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the HBO hit Californication.   Lili's fourth full length studio record, LiliLand, was released in late 2014, and was written in the aftermath of a freak chemical accident that caused brain damage and the loss of everything Lili owned.  Lili describes this record as "the jungle of my mind.  Fun, fragile, and ferocious songs about losing everything and getting it back.”  She further explained her miraculous recovery in a TEDx talk "How Music Saved My Brain."

in July of 2015, Lili released a new “Classical Crossover” album titled Evocations, a collaboration with Master pianist/composer Bill Goldstein. Evocations is a completely improvised acoustic record that highlights the duo’s distinct genre bending virtuosity and ability to create complete Opi spontaneously, a style Bill calls “Instant Composition.”

In addition to Lili's recording and touring career, Lili’s music has been licensed for TV, film, and commercials, and she is the featured voice and violin on several films with Hans Zimmer, (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Burning Plain) among others.  Lili is also a film composer in her own right, with ten feature films to her scoring credit, Additional Music credits on several films, and a Film Composing Fellowship to the Sundance Film Institute.  Her film credits include Zeitgeist: Moving Forward, (2011), Somewhere Between (2012), The Horse Boy (2009), The Sublime and Beautiful (2014), and ANITA, directed by Academy Award winner Freida Mock (2014), among others.  Lili was nominated for Best Music at the Milan International Film Festival 2014, and she and her music will be featured on the upcoming season of the Golden Globe winning series Transparent.

A humanitarian and activist, Lili also performs regularly for various human rights and social justice organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, the Global Security Institute (for whom she performed a concert at the UN), and AmeriCares.

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