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Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Winner of 6 international awards and a world renowned composer with a Mediterranean background, and great passion for western music. I am also a trained vocalist.
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Unlike other music composers Layal Watfeh does not necessarily seek her inspiration through music or sound clips, as she depends on watching the work and imagining how her music will combine and flow through it. As Layal describes herself, she is a “visual person who indulges with her feelings thoroughly and then turns those feelings to music and sounds.”

Layal Watfeh was born in Damascus, Syria in 1980. She is now residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her journey with music started so early when she was only 14 years old. She focused only on learning the piano for two years then by the age of 18 Layal started her voice over career by working in many programs, shows, and arts festivals and she’s still working in the same field up till now.

Layal launched her career as a music composer at the age of when she was 22 years old, after working in music production studios in Dubai for two years. During this period Layal was keen on fulfilling her passion for music through learning whatever is related to vocal techniques. She watched the sound engineers closely, spent extra hours training on sound equipments and then she started composing her own music scores.

A turning point in Layal’s life came in 2002 which led her to play music on a professional level; it happened when she had to run the studio for 10 days on her own during her managers’ trip. During this MBC Group ordered some music recordings for its own projects. It was really a huge responsibility for Layal and in the same time she couldn’t decline or postpone the task, so overcoming all obstacles Layal fulfilled her task successfully and earned the consent of the client. Impressed by her work, MBC Group offered Layal a job as a post production sound engineer and sound designer. Layal accepted the job and worked for 6 years, making her way up to become the senior manager of this section in MBC.

In 2009 Layal Watfeh saw that it was about the time to start her own studio through which she composed music for several different mediums and clients including advertisements, TV series, documentaries, shorts and features, in addition to other projects across the Middle East, the USA, Canada, and the UK.


2 Awards from New York Festivals for Best Music
3 Awards from PROMAXbda for Best Sound Design
1 award from US International Film & Video for Best Music

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