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One of four women (out of a list of 104) who made the Academy Awards shortlist of composers for Best Original Score for the 2013 Academy Awards.
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Before Heather McIntosh composed her first movie score, she was already leaving a permanent mark in the music scene. She toured with Lil' Wayne, played bass for Gnarls Barkley, created music with indie bands like Animal Collective, Norah Jones, and St. Vincent, and has performed on stage with a variety of artists, such as Bright Eyes, of Montreal and Cat Power. An indie rocker at heart, she collaborated with the Elephant 6 Collective on various projects.

The first two feature length narrative films were accepted into the Sundance Film Festival - in 2012 "Compliance" (directed by Craig Zobel) and in 2013 "The Rambler" (directed by Calvin Lee Reeder, co composed with Scott Honea and Jed Meheu). Heather was one of only four women who made the Academy Awards shortlist of composers for Best Original Score for the 2013 Awards for her score to "Compliance," which was included in the "Best Scores of 2012" by Film Music Magazine and "Top 10 Film Scores" by Sound on Sight. The New York Times cited her score as “ominous, cello-driven…plucks our nerves and stirs our stomachs.” NPR’s Ian Buckwalter said “Heather McIntosh’s excellent score for chamber strings is still echoing anxiously in my head.” Additionally, Time Magazine, Variety and The Hollywood Reporter all commented on Heather’s music in ‘Compliance’ within their reviews. Z for Zachariah (starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Margot Robbie and Chris Pine) is Heather’s second collaboration with Craig Zobel.

She recently scored J. Davis’ film “Manson Family Vacation” (produced by the Duplass Brothers) which had it’s world premiere at SXSW and will be distributed by Netflix. Heather is a Sundance Institute Music & Sound Design Labs at Skywalker Sound alumna, is a 2014 Sundance Institute Time Warner Foundation Fellow and a participant in the 18th Annual BMI Conducting Workshop with Lucas Richman.

Originally from Athens, Georgia, where she worked at a video store, it quickly become apparent that she was destined to become a film composer combining her talent and passion for music with her love for cult and art films. Heather currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Z for Zachariah

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