Britlin Lee

Britlin Lee
Los Angeles
Session Singing (2 years), Composing for TV (2 years)

A native of Long Island, Britlin Lee transitioned to California in 2015. Her ethereal, boy soprano-like voice was trained by Rose Marie Crouse. Britlin Lee is the main titles/themes composer for Lifetime thriller, Bad Stepmother (2018). Her additional music credits include writing for Hallmark and Syfy. She’s the featured soloist on scores by her fiancé, Nathan Furst, including films like 6 Below: Miracle On The Mountain (2017), and Cold Moon (2016).

Britlin has performed on several albums for independent artists both in NY and LA.

Her first album, Fleur de Lis, is a passion project featuring vocalist Suzanne Waters of the LA Master Chorale.

Britlin’s style is deeply inspired by 80’s synth and French Impressionism.


Synopsis: A woman named Fleur faces her fears in a dream in which the negative energies she’s experiencing transform into evil fantasies of nature that she must fight and ultimately conquer.
In order for her to escape this nightmare, Fleur must shed her child-like innocence and bloom into her authentic self.

After initially being “transported” into the dream, which begins in the rubble of a lost battle, Fleur discovers that she is a sole survivor on the side of good. She is dragged out by a spirit girl who’s only words are “find me”, and then who vanishes.

During a difficult, spiritual journey met by unfriendly post-apocolyptic terrain, including a deserted town, a dungeon where the source of Fleur’s sadness lies, and a dangerous forest enchanted by old haunting memories, our sole survivor fights her way back to a place of freedom. The ocean, which rests far beyond this wasteland, may be heaven or a way out of the dream.

This album is a personal expression of finding hope and letting go of the past – the journey of discovering yourself and your purpose in the world. An experience every person is familiar with.

Genre: Electronic, synth, instrumental, vocal
Vocals by Britlin Lee and Suzanne Waters
Produced and Released by Rising Phoenix Records
‘Fleur de Lis’ is available on iTunes and

Composer, Bad Stepmother
Solo Vocalist, 6 Below
Additional Music Credit Composer and V/O, Atomic Shark

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Britlin Lee

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