For RELEASE October 13, 2017

We, the community of composers, songwriters, orchestrators, arrangers, music supervisors, music editors, agents and executives, align with a commitment to stand up against sexual harassment and gender discrimination. It is our responsibility to unify on this front. From within our organizations and beyond, we pledge to work together to identify safe avenues for reporting harassment and discrimination and build a network of responsibility and action that can effectively address these issues within our own community.

Allied Organizations:

The Alliance for Women Film Composers
Lolita Ritmanis, President, Co-Founder & Board Member
Laura Karpman, President Emeritus & Co-Founder
Miriam Cutler, Co-Founder & Board Member
Kathryn Bostic, Vice-President & Board Member
Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum, Treasurer & Board Member
Chandler Poling, PR & Board Member
Catherine Grealish, Executive Director
George S. Clinton, Board Member
Stephanie Economou, Board Member
Germaine Franco, Board Member
Peter Golub, Board Member
Penka Kouneva, Board Member
Jarom Rowland, Board Member

Allegro Talent Group
Patty Macmillan, Owner & Agent
Jennifer Sutman, Vice President  of Operations
Jessica Matsui, Associate
David Andrew, Associate

American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers
Kim Richmond, President
Gayle Levant, Vice President
Charles Fernandez, Vice President
Bonnie Janofsky, Secretary
Jill Ferguson, Treasurer

Chassen & Company
Jeff Sanderson, Publicist

Costa Communications
Ray Costa, Publicist

Evolutions Music Partners
Seth Kaplan, Partner
Christine Russell, Partner

First Artists Management
Vasi Vangelos, Agent
Alexander Vangelos, Agent

Fortress Talent Management
Robert Messinger, Partner
Rich Jacobellis, Partner
Randy Gerston, Partner
Jake Kozarec, Agent

Greenspan Kohen Management
Anita Greenspan, Agent

Guild of Music Supervisors
Thomas Golubić, President

Kraft-Engel Management
Richard Kraft, Partner
Laura Engel, Partner
Sarah Kovacs, Agent
Jeff Jernigan, Agent

The Krakower Group
Beth Krakower, Publicist

A Muse Management
Michal Marks, President

The Society of Composers & Lyricists
Ashley Irwin, President

Soundtrack Music Associates
John Tempereau, Agent
Koyo Sonae, Agent
Isabel Pappani, Agent

Sundance Institute Film Music Program
Peter Golub, Director
Jarom Rownland, Manager

White Bear PR
Chandler Poing, Publicist
Thomas Mikusz, Publicist

Women in Film Music Committee
Tracy McKnight, Chair
Christine Belden, Co-Chair
Loreta Muñoz, Co-Chair

Women in Media
Tema Staig, Executive Director

White Bear PR
(310) 230-5678


What a year it’s been! The AWFC has taken a leading role in the much publicized diversity conversation occurring in Hollywood and beyond. Our efforts to increase the visibility of women composers within the industry have included the addition of women to discussion panels and presentations during major festivals and conferences at:

The visibility from these events has generated growing coverage of women composers with articles featured in Emmy Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Alliance for Women Film Journalists.

Our culminating effort in this year took shape with The Women Who Score: Soundtracks Live, an orchestral concert through Grand Performances. With the partnership of The Film Music Society and White Bear PR, and the support of numerous sponsors, including support from major studios like Warner Bros, Walt Disney Pictures, 20thCentury Fox, and Sony Pictures.The resulting project highlights the work of 20 of the industry’s leading women composers. Read Billboard Magazine for more of the story.

And finally, to punctuate the importance and success of our first year, a wonderful honor has been bestowed upon theAWFC President, Laura Karpman. In July, Laura was elected to the music branch of the Board of Governors for the Academy for Motions Picture Arts and Sciences. As a founding member of the AWFC, it is clear that Laura’s visionary passion for diversity will be a valuable addition to this institution.


What’s Next

We’re off to a great start and there are no plans to slow down. As we look ahead to the next year, our primary goal is to continue our influence, driving the industry conversations on diversity and championing the inclusion of creative women in media. Among the ideas we’re considering for development over the next year include establishing an annual membership meeting & networking eventsin Los Angeles, a salon-style discussion series and possibly a mentorship program, plus our ongoing annual brunch during the Sundance Film Festival. Honoring the achievements of women composers featured at Sundance. With over 110 women composers joining the AWFC over the past year, we have a wealth of talented and passionate members who wish to be engaged in more inclusive conversations and activities.

Thank You!

The acknowledgement and support for AWFC’s mission has been amazing. Our mission has been confirmed with a swell in global membership that exceeds 200 female composers with credits spanning multiple media disciplines. The women composers, supporting members and donors who have joined with AWFC prove that there is a true need for advocacy, education and an on-going dialog regarding the inclusion of women in all media outlets. To these ends, we sincerely thank you for your continued encouragement and support. Together, we are powering positive changes.

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